Have an event in mind? Let us know and maybe we can help. 

The place has turned into a zombi apocalypse bunker, a Caribbean inspired party and a bunch of different weddings.

We are a creative space with in house creatives that can help you style. We also work with amazing catering companies that can suit all your needs. Email us at hello@sticknstone.com.au and let’s see if we are a fit!

________The Gallery​

At 220 m squared, our Gallery provides a unique setting for exhibitions, workshops and events. With a combo of edgy brick and clean white walls, and a feature concrete divider, this space will make you go WOWZERS!

This space is large in size and versatility, making the possibilities endless. It can be set up to the fit the personality of your idea, and we’re happy to sort you out with styling. We are here to provide the perfect backdrop for your creativity, so you can give your audience an all round experience.

The woodlands are our go-to spot for grabbing a coffee, building projects and hanging out in the sun. This space is great for hosting workshops and events.

The woodlands includes our outdoor workshop area, along with our feature garden space.

We have built 80% of the woodlands from recycled materials from the Inner west. It’s decorated with all the knobs and pieces we’ve found along the way, you’ll spot vintage tools, rustic seating and old street signs.

You’ll love our garden, which is filled with our rescue plants!

We also have plants available for sale, so feel free to wander in and have a look.


The Woodlands_____

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