About Us __________

We are Stick n Stone, growing ideas, and bringing people together.

We are a team led by a badass girl boss, who are committed to keeping it real. We are all about empowering small businesses, supporting creative ideas and sharing our plant love.

What do we do? Honestly, its kinda tricky to describe.


Our boss lady built a place where people come to learn, a home for innovators launching their businesses, an event space, a place to host workshops, a rescue garden for plants, and also a sunny spot to chill out.

Stick n Stone is whatever you want, or need it to be.

We are a blank canvas, here to inspire, empower, and provide a space for your creativity.

What's Here__________

Art Exhibitions




Dream Team


Girl Boss


The graphics to the words


Compulsory Cuteness Quota

Let's get social

_________ Contact Us

02 9554 7350


30 Carrington Road. Marrickville, 2204

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